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Political Computer Science @ Berkeley is a UC Berkeley student organization that celebrates the intersection of politics and computing. We empower our members to champion political advocacy through tech.


Introducing PCS@Berkeley

We are a nonpartisan student organization that harnesses students’ intellectual curiosity and capabilities in technology and government affairs to address current issues within legal and political systems.

Group photo of PCS@Berkeley club members.

Our Mission:

To develop politically centered tech projects and to promote the use of technological skills for political advocacy, political education, and social good.

Our members study a variety of academic backgrounds, including computer science, economics, data science, political science, legal studies, political economy, and more. They all have one thing in common––a drive to use their abilities to address real and current issues. Our club’s diversity of background, thought, and political opinion allows us to develop well-rounded, nonpartisan softwares, applications, and tools that are meaningful and easy to use.

Political Computer Science offers UC Berkeley students a community of driven, innovative programmers who are passionate about politics and activism.


Learn something new about political science or tech at our workshops. Whether you haven’t written a single line of code or you’ve developed your own application, we have academic and professional development workshops for you. Through hands-on coding workshops or talks from industry professionals, there are plenty of ways to gain knowledge and new skills. Our exciting events are open to all PCS members, and select workshops and educational events are open to all UC Berkeley students.

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Work on one of our project teams with other members to complete a political-related technical project by the end of each semester. You’ll be able to learn alongside your peers, receiving guidance and mentorship from your project manager. As a new member, you’ll also work with other new members to complete a PolitiCS mini-project on any political topic of your choosing.

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Join us at Super Smash Bros tournaments, karaoke nights, debate watch parties, and more! We host many social events throughout the semester so our members can get to know each other on a more personal level outside of project meetings. We encourage you to meet new people and make new friends at PCS.

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